On Biblical Marriage

Just a few thoughts (and a test of the WordPress app at the same time).

It’s late right now. Everyone else in the house is asleep, and I am being stubborn. I was thinking the other day about the direction our country is headed, how we’ve moved away from a biblical foundation so quickly over the past decades. We seem to be heading off a cliff at breakneck speed, and one of the things our country has decided to abolish is any meaningful concept of marriage.

I wrote quite a long blog entry the day of the SCOTUS decision last year on homosexual “marriage,” but one thing I don’t think I mentioned is how biblical marriage counseling is supposed to be handled by churches who have capitulated on this issue. The so-called “gay Christian” movement has undermined the Bible’s consistent teaching on sexuality and marriage and left the terms “husband” and “wife” meaningless, so the Scriptures can’t possibly be used for same-sex couples. Can you imagine? “Well, let’s see, there’s Ephesians 5…no wait, that says husband and wife…um, there’s Genesis 2…no, that says husband and wife too…”

The positive testimony regarding normal marriage is often overlooked when discussing homosexuality, because we have a penchant for going straight to 1 Corinthians 6 or Genesis 19 or Leviticus 18 and 20 to try to say that homosexual behavior is a sin. There is certainly a place for that. But it’s even better when one expounds upon the consistency of the Scriptures on marriage and sexuality.

There’s no possible way that one can be under the authority of the Bible and then think that homosexuality is somehow normal or normative. Just can’t be done.

But anyway. I probably need to sleep. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Gay marriage seems like a big bunch of “Ad Populum”. “Oh, hey, because that person over there is gay, that must mean I can be gay too!” No. Just No. When people believed the sun revolved around the earth, just because everybody believed it ’till Galileo did not make it any more true! So many things in history have been excepted just because it was a popular belief. Everybody believing one thing does not change the truth of the matter. I know some might say this is faith, so “truth” is relative, but is only for those without a moral standard of God! For me, if God says it, it is truth! Truth is not relative, and it never has been. Sometimes, it’s just hard for people to find a clear line to define truth, but whenever I want to find truth, I go find the nearest Bible.


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