Ex-Pastor Tullian Has Fallen…Again

I don’t know how many of you remember when Tullian Tchividjian was fired from his church last year when he admitted to having an affair. I certainly remember it happening. I only recognized the name because a friend of mine was reading a book he had written. On my Instagram, I posted a photo that said “Pray for Tullian.” He was defrocked, and was out of the public eye for a while.

I am unsure if he ever repented publicly. After the news broke, I didn’t pay much attention to what happened because the world moved on. In the Internet age, that seems to be what happens. All I can remember is a few tweets and a Facebook post that were a bit confusing. That isn’t to say he hasn’t repented; I am just unaware if he did it publicly.

He divorced his wife shortly after the affair was found out, which, according to the qualifications for elders in the New Testament, means he was disqualified, because he was no longer the “man of one woman” (Titus 1:5-9).

But today’s news has left me stuttering a bit. After disqualifying himself from ministry by committing adultery, he has seemingly tried to be involved in a “behind the scenes” role at another church in Florida, Willow Creek Presbyterian Church. However, it didn’t last long, because he was fired earlier because of his admittance to “previously undisclosed failures,” quite possibly including another affair.

It’s very sad to see this happen. According to Christianity Today, the reason Tchividjian sought out this role was to take a sort of sabbatical and recuperate; “Tchividjian had no ministerial role and worked completely behind the scenes at the church, Labby [the pastor at Willow Creek] said.” Regardless of his position, it is truly disheartening to see a man fall so far so fast and then fall even further.

His church (Coral Ridge Presbyterian in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) has a new pastor now, which is good news. But Tullian will have to walk the long road of reconciliation yet again. In his own words, “Nothing grieves me more than the fact that people are suffering because of my sins, both in my past as well as in the present. I want to be perfectly clear that I take full responsibility for this.”
Let us indeed pray for this man again, that he will be reconciled to God.

To read the original article, click here.


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  1. I have read this guy’s name at some point but I don’t know the scoop on any of this. It just goes to show that being in the reformed school of thought is not what keeps us from sinning or even being saved. Sad to see this for this former minister.


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