Social Media = Gone

No, you aren’t hallucinating. My social media pages have disappeared for now.

If you need to reach me, you can email me using the address on the “About” page, or you can join my IRC chat channel. I will continue to blog.

Reasons? Well, for one thing, my online interaction skills have improved, at the expense of my people skills. I need to get out into the world more, and stop using my phone as an excuse for not doing so. I’m sure you understand. I’ve felt the need to withdraw, so to speak. Social media has its uses, but I often found myself deriving my self-worth out of how many likes on Instagram a certain photo received, or how well a certain post on Facebook was doing. He who lives by technology, dies by technology.

It is my hope that this will ultimately drive me back to the Scriptures. Careful reading and study will be a more regular thing for me this summer.

Anyway. I hope you won’t all miss me. As I said above, I can still be reached.

One thought on “Social Media = Gone

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  1. This sounds like a really good idea. If you’ve been having some troubles with social media, I hope you get them sorted out, but in the end it’s always great to put down the phone and spend time with your friends and family. Also, speaking of friends, “Anyway. I hope you won’t all miss me.” – You. Come on, you have more friends then that. Anyways, good luck with all of this. : )


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