A Plea for Deliverance

O Yahweh, my God, deliver me from those who ensnare me;
Save me from those who tempt me to sin.
The wicked torment my soul daily without ceasing;
Long into the night they oppress my mind.
Help me, O Yahweh, to flee from sin,
And instead to pursue righteousness.
For though the wicked prowl at either side,
Though they tempt me in every way,
I will bow only before Yahweh, my God,
For my God is a God of triumph and a God of war;
War against sin,
And triumph over temptation.
He will hear my cry and deliver me;
With a mighty hand he will save me.
I will rest in the knowledge that my Redeemer lives;
That he sits and intercedes for me will be my comfort.


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