The American Standard Version: LaTeX Edition

I’ve embarked on an endeavor to typeset the text of the American Standard Version using LaTeX. On this page you’ll find a PDF of the text that will be periodically updated as more books are added. I’ve started with Genesis, but I think once that’s done I’ll begin the New Testament so as to complete that first.

A word needs to be said about the text. Many users of the ASV are (sometimes rightfully) wary of attempts to “copy” the ASV because inevitably such attempts have led to revisions in the text. Let me state for the record that it is my intention to typeset the text of the American Standard Version as it exists in editions copyrighted 1901/1929 and published by Thomas Nelson and Sons or others using their printing plates. It is not my intention to revise or edit the text in any way.

Note that the PDF document is hyperlinked: clicking on any item in the Table of Contents will take you to that page.

Please enjoy reading this sadly neglected yet venerable translation of the Holy Scriptures.

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