Yes, God Hath Said

It pains me whenever an evolutionary creationist is accused by a young-earth creationist of having the mindset of Satan. YECs are notorious for leveling the accusation that we are saying, "Hath God said?" when it comes to origins issues. My friends, that just isn't the case. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, all of Scripture is... Continue Reading →

On Creationism

It's been some months since I last posted about my thoughts on creationism specifically (aside from a quick post a few days ago about common descent). My thoughts have shifted some through conversation with others about the topic, and other topics intimately connected therewith. I must also confess that when I first began to study... Continue Reading →

Pray Like A Trinitarian!

I really mean it. Pray as though you actually believed in the doctrine of the Trinity. Why do I say this? Well, two times in this past week, worship leaders at chapel and at church prayed in a non-Trinitarian fashion. While addressing the prayer to God the Father, they mistakenly said that he had taken... Continue Reading →

Seeing Past Liberal Spin on Abortion

While processing books at the university library the other day, I came across a new volume entitled About Abortion, written by Carol Sanger, a law professor at Columbia Law School. The subtitle and synopsis in the front flap caught my attention; they were perfect examples of liberal spin when it comes to this issue. I... Continue Reading →

How I Failed at Social Media

A few years ago, I acquired my very first social media account on Instagram. It was a big deal for me, because I'd never had anything like it. I'd grown up without social media. I mostly emailed and texted people back then, until I finally got an Instagram. In fact, at the same time, my... Continue Reading →

My Visit to the Creation Summit

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Creation Summit held at The Master's University. Since I live on campus and have recently been interested in the topic of origins, I went ahead and registered; I was not disappointed. The lectures were challenging, to say the least, and I was given a glimpse into... Continue Reading →

O Happy Home

Sometimes it surprises me how fast I can compose. It's normally a slow, arduous process, that can end up taking weeks. But on a few rare occasions, it takes me less than a week to compose a three-minute piece for a cappella choir. That's what just happened. I was reading through an old poetry book... Continue Reading →

Bad News, then Good News

I don't understand. I don't understand how people can hate each other. I don't understand how people can be racist. I don't understand how people can be violent. I don't understand people's bigotry toward others. Maybe I don't understand because I've tried so hard never to be any of those things: racist, bigot, violent, hater,... Continue Reading →

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