Seeing Past Liberal Spin on Abortion

While processing books at the university library the other day, I came across a new volume entitled About Abortion, written by Carol Sanger, a law professor at Columbia Law School. The subtitle and synopsis in the front flap caught my attention; they were perfect examples of liberal spin when it comes to this issue. I... Continue Reading →


How I Failed at Social Media

A few years ago, I acquired my very first social media account on Instagram. It was a big deal for me, because I'd never had anything like it. I'd grown up without social media. I mostly emailed and texted people back then, until I finally got an Instagram. In fact, at the same time, my... Continue Reading →

Bad News, then Good News

I don't understand. I don't understand how people can hate each other. I don't understand how people can be racist. I don't understand how people can be violent. I don't understand people's bigotry toward others. Maybe I don't understand because I've tried so hard never to be any of those things: racist, bigot, violent, hater,... Continue Reading →

“Gay Christianity’s” Abuse of Language

Among those who would identify as "affirming" of homosexuality, there seems to be a great amount of confusion regarding the usage of certain terms relevant to the debate, both those used within Scripture and those used by Christians every day. To try to clear up some confusion, I humbly offer this short treatise. Introduction I believe... Continue Reading →

What Unites Us as Christians?

Below is my notes/outline of my very first sermon/sermonette, preached in front of 50 or so 12-18 year olds during my church's youth camp. Enjoy. It is a pleasure to be speaking in front of all of you today. This is my first right and proper “speaking engagement,” so please excuse me if I’m a... Continue Reading →

Oh Twitter, How Do I Loathe Thee…

Social media stinks. I mean, oftentimes, Twitter and Instagram and Facebook can be extremely helpful. They can and should be used to spread the gospel. Organizing events and getting out information can be done extremely quickly. We have become so connected through these different platforms that we have become dependent upon them. How often have... Continue Reading →

Just a Bit Confused

Worldview is extremely important. Your worldview determines how you will interpret events and circumstances in the world around you. Your worldview governs how you think, act, and respond. Your worldview is part and parcel of who you are. So it should come as no surprise when someone who has a Christian worldview and someone who... Continue Reading →

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