In Defense of Sola Scriptura

I ran across an Instagram post the other day that contained a 5 point argument against Sola Scriptura (although, it was more of an argument against the Protestant conception of canon, though that was misrepresented as well). The argument was as follows: If Sola Scriptura is true, then all important theological data necessary for doctrine... Continue Reading →

Definite Atonement: Defined and Defended, Part One

[Update 8/21/2018: Yeah, I'm not sure I'm ever going to finish this series. But I'll keep this post up for what it's worth. The definition I give is perhaps the longest sentence I've ever written, to be honest.] Introduction Perhaps no doctrine has caused more controversy in the western church than definite atonement; indeed, so... Continue Reading →

What Unites Us as Christians?

Below is my notes/outline of my very first sermon/sermonette, preached in front of 50 or so 12-18 year olds during my church's youth camp. Enjoy. It is a pleasure to be speaking in front of all of you today. This is my first right and proper “speaking engagement,” so please excuse me if I’m a... Continue Reading →

Keep Protestants Protestant

It irks me when Protestant churches promote Roman Catholicism. It really does. Right here, let me say something: there are Roman Catholic people who are saved - I do not deny that. However, Roman Catholicism as a system is apostate; they do not have the gospel. They add works to the finished work of Christ.... Continue Reading →

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