Music Engraving

Having become proficient in Finale and LilyPond, I’ve decided to begin offering my services as a music engraver or typesetter. What on earth is a music engraver, you may ask? Essentially, what we do is take people’s music and make it look good on the printed page so that it can be read easily by performers. Music engravers are hired by big publishing houses all the time to ready their music for publication. I’ve become a bit of a stickler for making my music look good on the printed page. I want to be able to give others the satisfaction of beautiful sheet music.

Finale is the premier engraving software on the market. It has been for a long, long time. Pretty much every major publishing house uses it.

LilyPond is unique because it lacks a graphical user interface. You edit music by typing it in like computer code. It’s a very flexible piece of software and produces some great results.

Since I’m still an amateur, I’m offering my services for free for now. If you’d like to have me engrave a piece of music that you’ve written or that you’re interested in having made ready for performance, email me at

Coming soon: samples of my work.