Proofreading. Typesetting. Engraving.

I’m an Arizona native with an eye toward fine typography. Whether it be scholarly papers, business proposals, resumes, short stories—I’ll format it beautifully so that it’ll stand out. I’ll proofread as I go. My attention to detail will ensure consistency and balance. I work both in Apple Pages and LaTeX, but I’ll also accept Word documents.

I also do music engraving, working primarily in Finale. Let me take your musical composition and make it look as beautiful as it sounds. You will have the option between using my own house style or any specifications you prefer—fonts, paper size, staff size, etc. Chamber and choral works preferred.

Contact me at and we’ll strike a deal. Cost depends on the size of the project: a typical resume will cost around $20 to $30; a large multi-movement work for chamber ensemble, on the other hand, will depend on man-hours spent and the difficulty of the music. If only proofreading is desired and not formatting, I’ll do that for a small fee. Send me your project and I’ll give you a quote.

Please note that I do not as yet offer printing services, only typesetting, proofreading, and engraving.

View samples of my work here.

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